Whole Scholars Development Program (ages 14 - 21)

The virtual program is designed to train students in technology for careers and promote strong soft skills that produces balance in the life of a student. In this program, the student will gain principles of vision, knowing self worth, time management and  career development. Also, students will be trained and prepared to pass a basic technology certification. 

Reading Fundamentals (ages 6 - 12) 

Many kids today lack the basic fundamentals of reading and reading comprehension. Without this basic skill, it will be very difficult for a student to be successful in academics andin life. It is an essential skill that is needed to have a good quality of life. These sessions will enhance the student's reading and teach real world scenarios where reading is critical.

Math Fundamentals (ages 6 -12)

Math, like reading is critical to a student’s success in life. It allows the student to think logically and analytically in academics and life. Students need to be drilled with math basics to make them stronger in the subject. These fast paced sessions identifies the student’s ability and progresses them to a sound understanding of math fundamentals. Real world applications will also be taught. 

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